How to Get an Alabama Medical Marijuana Card

Access to medical marijuana in Alabama is only available to children and adults with extreme seizures that cannot be managed with current treatments. This Cannabidiol Program is offered by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Legal use of Medical Marijuana is permitted in Alabama because of Carly’s Law, a piece of legislation enacted in 2014.

How do I apply?

These are the requirements to apply to the Alabama Cannabidiol program:

  • Submit a cover letter checklist, referral from primary neurologist
  • Submit medical records including most recent brain MRI, electrocardiogram, video/EEG monitoring
  • Documentation of failed Anti-epileptic drugs
  • Documentation that 1 to 4 anti-epileptic drugs were taken for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to submitting records
  • List of current medications
  • Documentation of the type and frequency of seizures per month
  • Seizure calendar documentation that goes back 3 months
  • Routine laboratory study results
  • Proof of Alabama residency (this includes patient’s or patient’s parent’s state ID, driver’s license, proof of property ownership or rental, voter registration, or a recent state tax return)

If accepted into the program, patients will be required to visit with a doctor every two weeks for the first 10 weeks. Follow up visits are required at 4 months and 6 months. After that quarterly visits are required.

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