How to Get a D.C. Medical Marijuana Card

Residents of Washington D.C. can apply for a Medical Marijuana card through the Department of Health, as regulated by the Government of the District of Columbia. Applications can be submitted online or by mail.

Who can qualify?

To receive a medical marijuana card you must live in the District of Columbia and be 18 years of age or older, or have a parent or guardian apply as a caregiver. You must also be diagnosed by an approved physician with a Qualifying Medical Condition, which is defined as any condition that would benefit from treatment with medical marijuana.

How much does it cost?

$100 for a first time application or renewal (the cost can be lowered to $25 if patient qualifies for a reduced application fee). $90 for a replacement card. Payment must be paid by certified check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to ‘DC Treasurer’. Personal checks are not accepted.

How do I apply?

You can apply for a D.C. Medical Marijuana card by doing the following:

  1. Visit with your physician and have them submit an Electronic Physician Recommendation. Write down the Recommendation Number. An application must be filed no later than 90 days after the recommendation is given
  2. Complete and sign a Patient Application Form, and a Caregiver Application Form if applicable
  3. Provide Proof of Residency (at least 2 forms of proof)
  4. Provide a passport-type photograph of the patient’s face
  5. Provide a copy of a U.S., state or District government-issued photo ID
  6. Pay the application fee
  7. Submit the completed application, required documentation and application fee to the Department of Health

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