How to Get a Nevada Marijuana License for Business

The Nevada Department of Taxation handles all Medical and Recreational Marijuana business licenses. Currently applications are only being accepted from licensed Medical Marijuana establishments that want to be licensed as a retail marijuana establishment. Applications for new retail marijuana establishments will begin in November of 2018. As with all states where marijuana is legal, applicants must have a permit from both the state authority and their local jurisdiction to operate legally.

Types of Recreational Marijuana Businesses:

Cultivation Facility

An establishment that grows, processes and packages marijuana plants. can sell to other cultivation facilities, manufacturers, testing facilities or retail facilities. Cannot sell to consumers.


Transports marijuana from one licensed establishment to another.


Manufactures, processes and packages marijuana products. Cannot sell to consumers.


A facility that tests marijuana for potency and contaminants.


Can sell marijuana to consumers.

How to apply?

Until November 2018, Recreational Marijuana Business applications are only being accepted from establishments that:

  • Already hold a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Registration Certificate
  • Are located in a county or city with a population smaller than 100,000 people

The most recent application window ran from November 20th 2017 to December 4th 2017. An application was available for download from the Department of Taxation website.

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Business License

Applications for Medical Marijuana establishments will be open from January 2, 2018 until January 16, 2018. The application packet is available on the Nevada Department of Taxation website.

Applications must be submitted on a CD-R or USB drive. The state separates the application into two sections: identified and non-identified. Each section must be submitted on separate storage media.

Types of Businesses

Independent Testing Facility – A laboratory that tests for concentration of THC, CBD and contaminants

Medical Marijuana Dispensary – A retail business that can deliver, transport, supply, sell or dispense marijuana products to patients with a valid medical marijuana registry card

Cultivation Facility – A business that can cultivate, delivers, transports, supply or sell marijuana and related supplies to licensed dispensaries, production facilities or other cultivation facilities

Marijuana Infused/Edible Production – A business that can manufacture, deliver, transport, supply, or sell edibles or marijuana-infused products to licensed medical dispensaries

Eligibility Requirements

  • $250,000 in available liquid assets that can be converted within 30 days of a request to liquidate
  • No owner, officer or board member can have a felony conviction for a crime of violence or a violation of a controlled substance law within the past 10 years, unless the action would have been immune from prosecution, arrest or penalty after April 1, 2014 (the date that medical marijuana became legal in Nevada)


The application fee is $5,000 payable only by cashier’s check or money order

Application Requirements

  • Proof of legal possession of the location being licensed and approval of its use as a marijuana business by the property owner
  • Business structure documents filed with the Secretary of State
  • State of Nevada tax history for the past 5 years for all the Owners, Officers or Board Members of the business
  • Business organizational chart showing the structure and percentage ownership
  • Each Owner, Officer or Board member must submit a resume, fingerprints, child support verification and a written narrative description of up to 750 words that demonstrates their experience working with government agencies, community involvement, operating a business, and knowledge or expertise in the medical use of marijuana
  • Financial plan showing the assets held, sources of funding and proof that the business holds at least one year’s expenses worth of funds
  • Proof of approval to operate from the local jurisdiction. If the local jurisdiction has no zoning restrictions a professional survey conforming to NRS 453A.322(3)(a)(2)(II) must be submitted
  • Name, signage and advertising plan that describes their use in in daily operations
  • Building and construction plans, including a floor plan, total square footage and potential expansion
  • Security and testing plan that shows how the product will be transported, security measures and procedures for both the product and the premises, and product verification and testing measures
  • Inventory control system plan
  • Medical marijuana cardholder verification procedures
  • Staffing and management plan that shows pre-opening, construction and first-year expenses; staff training and education plan; environmental impact minimization plan
  • Operations manual in compliance with Department regulations
  • A proposal showing the impact the establishment will have on the local community and how it will serve the needs of authorized patients

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